server:database:UNSTABLE and server:database merge

Looking at still progressing survey(currently more than 50 responses), I still see, that nobody uses server:database:UNSTABLE repository in openSUSE Build Service. So I have an idea to drop it completely – whole repository – and move packages that are only there (like MariaDB 5.3 or MySQL Community Server 5.6) to the server:database repository. This might… Continue reading »


MySQL in openSUSE and you

Earlier today I asked on this blog and everywhere else people to fill in a simple survey of how do they use MySQL, which one and what should I focus on. I already have more than 30 answers (don’t stop answering, keep providing more) so I will have to publish the results and do something… Continue reading »


MySQL (@openSUSE) survey

This is not really a blog post. I just would like to know you opinion on state of MySQL at openSUSE and openSUSE Build Service. But I’m interested in your feedback even if you are not using openSUSE or even if you are not using packages I provide. As my TODO is quite long and… Continue reading »


osc client in Gentoo

One of the great things we’ve got at openSUSE is openSUSE Build Service. Web service where we can commit sources and recipes and it will produce bunch of binaries for various distributions. Not just for openSUSE. We are friendly people and we love to work together with other distributions. After all, we all have a… Continue reading »


GSoC 2011 Ideas – Support for Bitbake in OBS

Another of GSoC ideas that I volunteered to mentor for our GSoC was adding support for BitBake to the openSUSE Build Service. In this post I want to talk about why do I think that BitBake support for openSUSE Build Service will be useful and why do I think that OpenEmbedded is actually pretty cool.… Continue reading »

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