openSUSE ARM chroot – less then alpha?

Hi, just another quick update about openSUSE @ ARM project. Yesterday I posted that I’m happy geeko because I have openSUSE chroot on my ASUS Transformer. Several people were excited and wanted to try it too, even though I posted that it is highly work in progress. Ok, so to satisfy these curious readers, I’ll… Continue reading »


openSUSE @ ASUS Transformer

This is going to be just a brief blog post with one important image. You probably all already know that there is bunch of people in openSUSE community who are working on getting ARM supported by distribution. And you probably already seen many blog posts about how great it is working. Well this is one… Continue reading »


openSUSE a ARM

Nedávno mě Jiří Větvička požádal na irc abych svůj blogpost přeložil do češtiny a psal trochu i česky a více myslel na naší lokální československou komunitu. Tak pro ty, pro které je angličtina překážkou bych rád napsal pár slov o podle mne nejzajímavějším projektu na Hack Week – znovuoživení ARM portu. Začal bych tím, co… Continue reading »


YaST on mobile phone

Linux can run almost everywhere. For some time I was participating in Hacking & Development project, but lately I didn’t have enough time to keep up. But today I went to the SleepWalker’s office to take a look at his new Zaurus (NetWalker) and he gave me kernel that can run on my Centro. I… Continue reading »

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