openSUSE Conference 2011 – SaX3

Yet another advertisement for openSUSE Conference 2011. Something I’ll be participating in as well. But this time, all the glory belongs to Manu Gupta. I’ll be just helping out. We will have together presentation about SaX3. Have you already heard about SaX3? If not,continue reading 😉 SaX2 was X configuration tool. It was using xorg.conf… Continue reading »


GSoC 2011 ideas – SaX 3

You must already heard about this from everybody. Google Summer of Code 2011 is nearby and openSUSE wants to participate. Currently we are collecting ideas and mentors and we are going to apply. I also came up with few projects and volunteered to mentor them. I saw Thomas Thym introducing his GSoC ideas and I… Continue reading »