openSUSE Paste screenshooting script

This post will be really quick. As you may know, openSUSE Paste already supports pasting images. But I found out, that some people don’t use it because they’ve got some other pastebin nicelly integrated. So to help them out, I created simple script that can help them. It is currently available in openSUSE:Contrib repository. You… Continue reading »


Pasting images

As you probably know, I’m the one responsible for openSUSE Paste. So I’m receiving some requests for adding features and fixing thing and such. One of the request I received quite some time ago was from Sirko. He’s artist and he’s doing nice artwork. Sometimes he needs to quickly post what he has drawn somewhere… Continue reading »


openSUSE Paste: Never expire

This is just a small update regarding openSUSE Paste. Some time ago Gertjan Lettink from openSUSE Forums team asked me, whether it would be possible to add possibility to keep pastes forever on openSUSE Paste. I wasn’t really fan of that saying that 3 years is almost forever… But I asked Jaromír Červenka who is… Continue reading »


openSUSE Paste update

So some other things happened with openSUSE Paste so I want to inform you about the current situation. We have http://susepaste.org address, right? So from yesterday, we also have http://paste.opensuse.org. Same computer, same IP, just different name if you prefer the other one. As it is the same thing as susepaste.org, links are interchangeable. So… Continue reading »


openSUSE Paste

It’s been some time since I started working on openSUSE pastebin clone with Bento theme. I had some other duties so it took some time to find some final resting place for that. Some of you asked me for a better URL. I finally found it and since today SUSE Paste is running again on… Continue reading »

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