OpenStack – Setup on existing machine

Last week I wrote a little bit about OpenStack, what it is good for and that I’ve been working on appliance that you can test. I mentioned appliance to make it easier for people to test OpenStack and play with that. Any feedback is of course appreciated. Since then appliance got updated, because something others… Continue reading »



Some of you might know, that the latest thing we Boosters were working on was promoting OpenStack on openSUSE. What is OpenStack? OpenStack is really cool, let’s write something more about it and then I’ll continue with what I wanted to report 😉 OpenStack Imagine you are running data center. You’ve got tenths or several… Continue reading »



Příští týden je HackWeek. Pokud jste ještě neslyšeli o tom, co to vlastně HackWeek je, pokusím se to pár slovy osvětlit. HackWeek je týden, kdy si mi, zaměstnanci SUSE, můžeme v práci dělat cokoliv nás napadne. Cokoliv? No ne tak úplně docela. Můžeme pracovat na čemkoliv, co má nějakou souvislost s open source. Takže například… Continue reading »


Hack Week

Next week is a Hack Week. Do you know, what Hack Week is? It’s week during which we at SUSE come to work and work on anything we want. Anything? Well anything open source related. So if you normally work as a designer, you can sit down and spend a whole week hacking Linux kernel.… Continue reading »