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  • openSUSE Paste update

    So some other things happened with openSUSE Paste so I want to inform you about the current situation. We have address, right? So from yesterday, we also have Same computer, same IP, just different name if you prefer the other one. As it is the same thing as, links are interchangeable. So… Continue reading »

  • openSUSE Paste after the sixth hackweek

    Hackweek ended over a week ago. It was a lot of fun. I hope that some of you enjoyed it at least as much as I did. Unfortunately (or luckily? :-D), right after the Hackweek I was traveling to attend two conferences (firstly Znalosti 2011 in Slovakia and then FOSDEM (will blog about FOSDEM later)).… Continue reading »

  • openSUSE Paste: Never expire

    This is just a small update regarding openSUSE Paste. Some time ago Gertjan Lettink from openSUSE Forums team asked me, whether it would be possible to add possibility to keep pastes forever on openSUSE Paste. I wasn’t really fan of that saying that 3 years is almost forever… But I asked Jaromír Červenka who is… Continue reading »

  • openSUSE Paste

    Do you also feel that Hackweek is nearby? So many people will be working together on so many interesting stuff. And when you are working in large groups around the world, sometimes you need to talk about code snippets. And then you use something like But there are many similar services on the web.… Continue reading »